Clion 1.1 very slow to load projects

Hi all, I just upgraded to 1.1 and I've noticed it's much slower to open an existing project than 1.0 was, I'm seeing times of over 5 minutes to go from 'Open Project' to where things are loaded and I'm able to do things like select a build target.

The projects aren't horribly complicated, but there are some big subprojects that get built and pulled in (including libcurl and opencv).  Is it just a matter of it having to do one-time work that I don't remember 1.0 having to have done, or could it be something else?  

I don't think I can share the cmake files, but if there are experiments I can run that would be useful I can do those.

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Jacob, most likely CLion took time reindexing the project, since indices version has been changed in 1.1.
Next time you open the project it should take less time. If it doesn't, please take a CPU snapshot for CLion 1.0 and CLion 1.1 opening the same project and file a bug report.


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