Project View / Scope View X / Scrope View Y, ....


is it possible to have an additional scope View ?
To switch from Project View to Scope View X and back ?

I found out how to edit my own scopes. Allright.
I found out how to use them for searching .... nice
But best for me would be to switch from Project View to Scope View.
Pupose is to filter lot of crap which is not need
Eclipse is not liked much by me but this feature is cool.
"They" make use of scopes consequently
Maybe i did not find how to do this ....

This post is also related to previous post.

Thanks for answer,

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could you please name a few things that should not be in the project vew scope (apart from CPP-4251)?
As for the scopes in the project view, here is a feature request: OC-4166


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