CLion Code Style: Space after // ?



I searched for some hints about code style in CLion.
"Reformat code" is a really nice thing (even if Ctrl+Alt+L normally locks the screen in Mageia), but seems to ignore "//blabla" which I want to be changed to "// blabla".

While it is possible to configure comment blocks, it seems either I overlooked an option to format single line comments or Jetbrains overlooked them in their code styles. Right now I'm expecting the first ;-)
Any hints where I can find that?

Kind regards,

P.S. By the way: when trying to open I get a deadlock:
URL changed constantly, at some point I pressed stop and got the following:;1.MCwCFA9shd/szZWWFfyuZujHJZ2RU4axAhReTlOXYdzObhEoXsVrx4jzkJAtEw==&state=a3c93bd4-6d7a-4d77-a801-85abcc240b56
Browser is Konqueror 4.14.3 on Mageia 5 (when using Firefox, it works)

Renat Makhkamov

Hi Victor,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently there is no such a setting in CLion.. And we don't have that in our future plans.
Although, if such a capability is valuable for your, you are welcomed to create a ticket in YouTrack and vote for it. A considerable amount of votes for that feature would encourage us to launch it.

Sorry for the long delay with answer.


Just would like to mention that CPP-12171 was implemented and the Add a space at comment start option will be available in the next 2018.1 EAP.


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