clion working and now "java not found"


I have been using clion fine, until today, I had the version 1.0.4 bundle with jdk1.8 installed and working perfectly.
Until few minutes ago, where clion stopped working and yells : "java not found" with a link to apple support about java when I try to start it.

I'm running OS/X Yosemite and it was working until today without issues.

Any ideas what happened?!?!?!?
Thank you,

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We need some logs to investigate the problem.
Could you please attach the log to the issue CPP-3923 in the tracker (please see comments to the issue)?

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$ IDEA_LAUNCHER_DEBUG=1 /Applications/
2015-07-08 14:31:28.726 clion[12287:3563319] Value of CLION_JDK: (null)
2015-07-08 14:31:28.727 clion[12287:3563319] Reading at /Users/eau/Library/Preferences/clion10/ OK
2015-07-08 14:31:28.728 clion[12287:3563319] Found Java Virtual Machines:
2015-07-08 14:31:28.729 clion[12287:3563319] /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_45.jdk
2015-07-08 14:31:28.729 clion[12287:3563319] /Applications/
2015-07-08 14:31:28.729 clion[12287:3563319] Required VMs: 1.6*
2015-07-08 14:31:28.729 clion[12287:3563319] No matching VM found.
2015-07-08 14:31:42.401 clion[12287:3563327] Cannot find matching VM, aborting

How come as I used the CLion package that bundle java..?!

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