License precision


I am currently testing the trial version of CLion and I love it !
I would like to use it at work as main c++ IDE. However I would like to understand a bit more the pricing logic.

From what I understood, if I buy version 1.0.4 will have I to buy upgrade for 1.0.5 ?

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Hi Alexandre.

CLion uses a so-called ‘upgrade subscription-based’ licensing model which is convenient with our frequent product updates delivering new features and fixing critical issues. That means that buying a perpetual license you get also a subscription lasting 1 full year for product upgrades to any and all new versions, including major releases. After that year is over, your subscription can be renewed, for a fraction of the price of a new license.

It is important to note that your license does not expire after the 1-year period ends. It’s perpetual and you can still use the product as long as you want. However, to continue receiving updates after that period ends, you’d need to renew your subscription.

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Thanks you, it is clear now.
So purchase is on the way :)


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