Feature Req: hover informational popups

Eclipse has an excellent "info popup on hover" feature. Hover over a member var and a window appears showing its defintion, along with preceding comment, if any. Likewise for a function etc. You can even click on the popup so you can navigate the related body of code.

Would be sweet to have it in Clion too.

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CLion has Quick definition feature.
Please give it a try: ⌥Space on OS X and Ctrl+Shift+I for Windows and Linux.

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Even with that feature, hovers would be very helpful.

We spend 90% of time looking at code - so anything that lets you to use mouse to obtain info you're after, w/o having to resort to keyboard, would be a good thing :)

On that note, as a vey special gift to jetbrainers - take a look @ G600 mouse from Logitech. It has over 30 keystokes you can program, just an absolute joy to use to move around the code.


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