Clion highlights and inspections complain about a lot of errors, but code is compiling fine. Need for some configuration?

As subject says...

I'm on OSX Yosemite, Clion 1.0.2 with embedded JDK, latest Xcode's (6.3.2) clang.

I have a project (heavily C++11 / templates based) that compiles just fine, but clion's highlights and inspections are all over the place with errors for missing methods in my template classes.
I've already read something on the net and the suggestion was to be sure _all_ headers were made known to clion, which I did and infact no header is grayed out in the project structure tab, but nonetheless code highlights are absolutely unusable at the moment.

Is this a known problem or is there something that can be tweaked/configured so that the highlights/inspections backed can "see" the same thing the compiler sees? Because, as I just said, everything compiles just fine!


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Hi, Andrea!

Could you please share you project with us (for example if you use githab etc)?
You can send it to clion-support at so we can take a look at what is going on.

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Hello Anna,
thanks for your reply, but that's not so easy.
It's a project I'm developing at work and I'm not allowed to disclose it as a whole.
I have to check what parts I can disclose and see if I can reproduce a reduced case that still manifests the problem, but that won't be easy/fast.
In any case I'll have a look and if I'm able to do that I'm more than happy to contribute.
Is it OK if I reply in this thread in case I get something to show you?

By the way, I updated to 1.0.3 but I'm still getting the same false highlights...


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Clion does a whole lot of static code analysis by default. This might be too noisy for some ppl and can be turned off in the settings.

Although, some folx would gladly exchange some spurious warnings in exchange for catching some of the harder-to-find bugs.


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