UI font size CLion vs Pycharm

I am using both CLion 1.0 and Pycharm 4.0.6 (Fedora 20) and realized that the default font size of the UI is slightly larger in CLion (Intellij theme, see image below) and I want them to be the same.
Is that something just I am experiencing or is that intended? What are the default font / font sizes of both for the Intellij theme so that I can set both to the same?
Thanks :)


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Perhaps different Java versions?
As far as I remember CLion comes with bundled 1.8 and PyCharm not.

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Hi Gregor!

Yes, as mentioned Wi Wi the problem seems to be in the different JDK.
Coud you please specify do you use bundled JDK or not for CLion?

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Thank you for the feedback.
Since the packaged java 1.8 looked weird (linux), I decided to use the same java as Pycharm, which is:

JRE: 1.7.0_79-mockbuild_2015_04_15_06_33-b00 amd64
JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by Oracle Corporation

which works perfectly fine for both Pycharm and CLion.

Could  it be that I modified the appearance of Pycharm UI anywhere else than  Appearance & Behavior -> Appearance -> Theme?
Can I send you some config file of Pycharm which would allow you to identify that?

Thanks again.

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I updated Pycharm to version 4.5 and now both UIs look the same! Issue resolved!
Thank you :)


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