wrong with InspectCode

I use armadillo in Clion,
the editor reminder me the 6 errors。
It can be seen in the screenshot,but the include files have the method.

one of the head file as follows:

template<typename eT>
class Mat : public Base< eT, Mat<eT> >

  inline Mat(const uword in_rows, const uword in_cols);

  template<typename fill_type>
  inline Mat(const uword in_rows, const uword in_cols, const fill::fill_class<fill_type>& f);

when I write
mat A(3,5);

but the editor says too many arguments.

the cmake files as follows:

target_link_libraries(BPNN /home/auroua/workspace/blasplot/openblasinstall/lib/libopenblas.so)
target_link_libraries(BPNN /home/auroua/workspace/blasplot/armadillo-5.100.2/libarmadillo.so)

some of armadillo head files had uploaded.

I also tested it in the Qt creator. There are no error found.

when I run the program,It will give me correct answer with no error.

截图 - 2015年05月17日 - 12时28分14秒.png
截图 - 2015年05月17日 - 12时31分34秒.png
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This is the same issue that I have. I have red underline under certain armadillo functions that use templates. I am wondering how good is CLion when dealing with libraries that use a lot of template programming.


I would expect some officials from jetbrains to comment on this. Have anybody tried Boost libraries with this CLion? Are there any false red underline showing somewhere?


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We have the issue about armadillo support in our tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-7180. Feel free to comment or upvote. Also you can file new issues if they occur.

In CLion 2016.1 we have implemented variadic templates support so a lot of issues were fixed. Also a lot of our users use Boost in their projects so please give it a try. We have a quick CMake guide including Boost tips: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/clion/2016.1/quick-cmake-tutorial.html.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I have voted and commented the issue on the track.  I will definitely try Boost library with CLion, thanks again!


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