debugging under linux

is no fun with CLion. If I turn on the STL renderer option, I dont see any variables at all in the debugger. If I turn it off, I do see local variables, but the this pointer is not available, and I thus cannot inspect the object state. If I enter "this" in the watch window, and expand the item, I see a "-var-create: unable to create variable object" message - thats all

Is this going to change anytime soon? As it stands, I cannot justify buying a license


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Hi Christian.

We have an issue in our tracker related to debug 'this' pointer:
Feel free to upvote.

Please check that 'Hide out of scope values' option is disabled on the File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger tab.

Could you please also specify what library (libc++/libstdc++) do you use and do you use embedded compiler or not?

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@this pointer: upvote?? This is absolutely essential functionality in a debugger, it should not need voting.

@'Hide out of scope values': I have tried just about every option. No improvement

@libstdc++/libc++: I am on Linux Mint17, so the default (which I am using) should be libstdc++

@embedded compiler: whats an embedded compiler? I am using the gcc that comes with the OS


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