Signed/unsigned warning for boolean expressions?

minor annoyance. I'm using CLion for a C99 project, but am using uint8_t as return values in place of boolean. This does not generate any warnings in other IDE's, but for CLion, I get a signed/unsigned warning when doing things like:

uint8_t fifo_queue_is_empty(fifo_t* p_fifo)
     return (p_fifo->head == p_fifo->tail);

I am returning a boolean expression (which CLion claims is a signed char) on an unsigned char, without casting.

Is there a way for me to turn off this particular warning without turning it off for other types of signed/unsigned mismatches?

Some IDE's have the possiblity to change boolean expressions to be interpreted as unsigned, is this possible in CLion?


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Trond, thanks for reproting!

The problem is on our side, I've created an issue in our tracker:
Feel free to commnet or upvote.


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