Issue with program arguments

When I try to redirect stream for my program, I set Run/Edit configurations.../Program arguments to "<my_path/some_in". Program starts quite nice, with
"/home/pingwindyktator/.clion10/system/cmake/generated/7966c60a/7966c60a/Debug/untitled <~/Sources/C++/CLion/untitled/in"
but nothing happends. It cant read the file. Can someone help me?

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Hi Jakub.

CLion doesn't have any posibility to redirect stream yet.
I've created a feature request in our tracker:
Feel free to comment or upvote.

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Was just hit by this limitation for a who-knows-which time.
Give that a lot of C++ programs are working with stdin/stdout, it's strange it is not implemented yet.
Come on, Turbo Pascal could use pipes and redirects in program arguments.


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