Building of Hello World stuck on Ubuntu

Hi there,

I tried to build default Hello world project with last beta and with current version. No success

Used all default settings: bundled versions of cmake and gdb. Used 2.8.11 cmake also. All made on Ubuntu 14.04.
Status panel states "Starting" and that lasts forever.

Plus changing working directory doesnt affect the configuration at all - it still tries to build in .clion1.0/system/cmake...
Plus GDB and Cmake versions have max version limit. What the..?
Plus GDB and Cmake have minimum required versions newer than for example Ubuntu 14.04 LTS distributive has. Is this called "Linux support"? Three most popular distribs(Ubuntu, Mint, Debian) can't use native versions of cmake and gdb from their LTS in case they don't wan't your versons.

If you have such restrictions it's a good practice to mention them in the technical requirements page.

It's kinda frustrating to see this issues in a product you trying to sell for money. It still has to be in beta.

Any ideas what's the problem with building?

Best regards,

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Problem found - you can't use plus sign in the directory name. In C++ IDE. *facepalm.jpg*

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Sorry about that, this is a known problem and the fix is scheduled to be released in one of the next bugfix updates.


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