Build message parsing

Dear CLion-Team,

thanks alot for the latest EAP! CLion is working like a charm!

Do you have any intentions to parse build(compiler) messages and present them differently (highlights)?
When working with a lot of templates it's sometimes difficult to read the compiler messages.

Could you point me where to start if I'd like to implement my own plugin for that? (build message window display etc..)


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Hi Dirk.

Thank you for the positive feedback.

We are working hard on the CLion improvements.
In the latest CLion EAP we have implemented compiler output colouring:
Hope it easier now to understand all messages.

In the near EAP we also planning to do some improvements with message navigation:

In the future we also planning to do some improvements with output.

As for the plugin it might be not so easy, because CLion has not open-source code in many parts crucial for such plugin.

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