Reporting "Assertion Failed" errors in IDE

I'm regularly (as in mulitple times a day) getting the little blinking "!" notification at the lower right corner of the IDE and when I click on it the majority of the time it just says "Assertion Failed" in the problem description.  I've been reporting these to jetbrains, but should I keep bothering, i.e. is there enough info there to be meaningful or am I just spamming you?

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Hi Jacob.

We have special analyser which collects all issues, so it’s not spamming but unfortunatly the process of solving the issue is not very fast.
Also sometimes it’s very difficult to understand what was the problem if we have only exception stack.

If an exception causes some problems, the best way would be to create an issue in our tracker, attach exception stack and give us steps to reproduce your problem.
It would be very helpful.

Thank you for help of making our product better. We really appreciate it.

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