How to disable annoying popups


I think it is time I call for help here: I am getting more and more annoyed by these blue popups that appear above non-resolvable variable names and make nonsensical suggestions like ""varname" from <some totally remote and unrelated header>?". Not only do they seriously hamper my work, but also from time to time I seem to unintentionally accept the suggestion, which leads to these strange headers being #included in my file, with ensuing compile errors. I searched the settings dialog, but nothing seemed obvious. I would REALLY appreciate if I could get rid of this!


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Agree, same situation here. If developers were to add some kind of a setting to switch those off that would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Currently, CLion has some problems with auto import. We are constantly work on it. Changes will be included in new CLion versions soon.
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