usage feedback CL-140.1221.2


I though you might appreciate some user feedback.

First of all, thanks for creating CLion. I am already looking forward to using it as my no 1 IDE for C++.
It is already amazing as it is now :)

I tried to import our project and noticed the following:

1) The Call Hierarchy function works :-) (unlike many other IDEs) but it really takes long time (5 minutes or so) to compute. Is there any chance this could get optimized?
The initial index generating took long as well but that run just once, so not a problem.
Call Hierarchy on the other hand is used quite often.
Also there is no history of Call Hierarchy lookups so it needs to be recomputed every time when requested.

2) How do I do "make install" from the IDE (CMake based project)?

3) When looking up classes using Ctrl+N, it would be nice if I could choose if I want to jump to the header file or to the class file.
Also it would be nice to be able to easily jump from .h to .cpp and the other way round, with some keyboard shortcut perhaps.

4) Would be nice if we could specify the -C option for CMake when importing CMake projects.


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I am also trying to "make install" to no avail.


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