CPU and Memory Usage?

I've noticed while using CLion and having multiple projects open that it uses a significant amount of CPU and Memory.

Is there a memory leak issue with build 140.569.17?

If so is there anything I can do to keep the memory/CPU usage down.


(CPU usage problem not shown in this screenshot)


We are not aware of any memory leaks in 140.569.17. Is it a regression from previous builds?

For large projects (or multiple smaller projects) increased usage of resources is normal, because to do its job CLion needs to process all the sources and headers, the same way as compiler does. Nevertheless, we are constantly working on improving performance and memory usage.


I am at build 140.1221.2 (OSX) and I do see cLion increase memory slowly overtime.
Every once a while I need to start clion. At this moment I am at 2.12Gb (according to Activity Monitor). and never released.

According to Memory Indicator it's now 880 of 1991M

But I do notice it slowing done with each build and/or debug session and sometimes grinding to a halt for several seconds up to the point I can open a webpage and do something.


Hi Ries.

It's known behavior for Oracle JVM to allocate as much memory as the program needs (and as the maximum heap limit allows).
You can control that by setting -Xmx value in .vmoptions file (increase/decrease, if needed) - refer to this post.

However, if you continue to experience slowness/hangs while working with IDE, please report an issue to our tracker with as much details as possible, including memory snapshot from 'Tools -> Capture Memory Snapshop' at the time when IDE gets very slow.


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