Will CLion be available for other UNIX platforms?

We have to produce Java JNI libraries and other native executables for a wide variety of platforms including Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX.  Are there plans to provide distributions of CLion for these platforms?

I tried the current EAP Linux download on AIX.  I had to adjust 'clion.sh' for a missing command ('mktemp -t' is 'lmktemp').  But otherwise, CLion runs.  Of course, the Linux distribution binaries (JNI libs, cmake, and gdb) don't function.

I also tried the EAP on HP-UX, where HP's Java crashes when CLion opens a project.  Probably not a problem with CLion, though.  I'll report the crash to HP.

I haven't tried Solaris, but in every case I will need a compatible cmake and gdb, plus any JNI libraries that ship with CLion.  Are there any plans for CLion to support these platforms?


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No, we aren't going to support other platforms in the nearest future.


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