Open terminal here menu item in project tree (QtCreator likely)

Using terminal window in IDE is good idea. But i think is inconvinient, because another new window always opened at last used particular path.
I want to open terminal window from any selected path directly in project stucture. Like in QtCreator. It is very useful, on my opinion.
Also, it is very good, if that feature will be available in PyCharm IDE and others.
It is possible to add this feature to next builds?

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I don not need this very often. but in general its a good idea.

I would formulate "open terminal here" as "general context menu"ne which can be customized.
General, customued context menu needs variables like
$fileName, $path, $fullPath, $fileNameWithoutExt, .....
Select file or dir - open with ..... (explorer, terminal, hexviewer, whatever)


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