Is there a way to hide non project files from project file browser

I'm using CLion on a very large source base that generates (when built) a number of object files. The CLion project file browser seems to show both project files (.cpp/.h) as well as files that are not in the project (.o files in this case). It knows the .o's are not in the project (Their font color is clearly different, darker than the project files). Is there a way to configure CLion to NOT show the non (.o files in this case) project files ?

So far so good, love to tool !


File > Settings > Editor > File Types

There's a section at the bottom to enter ignored files and folders. That might help with what you're looking for.


Hi Ankit,

How can I specify a path in this section?
I tried lots of variants and nothing works.

Why didn't you port 'mark directory as excluded' IDEA feature to CLion?

Permanently deleted user

CLion doesn't use IntelliJ Idea project model, where you can include/exclude source folders. It uses CMake project model instead - files that are mentioned in Cmake are the project files.


yes. I understand that.
I like cmake approach.

But I don't want CLion to scan lot's of my xml files, which are sometimes extremely huge.


The answer to my original post worked for me.

Go to:

File > Settings > Editor > File Types and just list the extensions you don't want to see under "Ignore files and Folders". Mine is set to *.d;*.o;*.a;



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