how to import from a Netbeans project?

I would like to try CLion with one of my Netbeans project. I never used CMake but just the auto-generated makefile from Netbeans IDE used with make.
Is it possible to create a CMake project from the source directory/existing makefiles?
Will CLion add support for projects with classic make toolchain? Or maybe an integrated feature/plugin to import from other popular IDE (Netbeans and/or Eclipse)?



Now CLion supports only CMake build system. You can create a project from scratch and them add your files to it updating/creating the proper CMakeListst.txt manually (the top-level CMakeLists.txt will be created for you). Find here some useful macros for CMake:

Later on we'll consider other build systems ( Makefiles are in the list.


У меня тоже все C/C++ проекты на NetBeans. Планируете ли вы добавить в будущем сборку с помощью существующего Makefile без генерации его с помощью cmake (как в NetBeans)?


Планируем: Можете проголосовать, если это для Вас важно.


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