Settings Repository... -­­­­> Live Templates : Deleted?

We're trying to establish a shared settings configuration so our team members all work the same way and get the same tools.

I setup the Settings Repository... section, and now we have everything pushed into a git repository.

Also I'ld like to prevent anyone who change its settings to inadvertently push his changes to the repo.

I think the feature i'm looking for is the Read-Only Sources.

It's currently the setup we have, and it seems to reflect what we've seen in the documentation here:


However, things aren't working as i'd like.

I have 2 questions:


1) When a user only have [Read-Only Sources] configured in the settings (and no [Upstream URL:] in [File -> Settings Repository]), the menu item [VCS -> Sync Settings] is disabled. Is it normal? I don't think so.


2) If I enter the URL in [File -> Settings Repository] anyway (which is risky for the reason I explained earlier), and do a [Overwrite Local], we noticed that the operation is removing our [Live Template] that was present in the upstream! It even adds the delete operation to git staging area, to be ready to commit and remove that template from the upstream...


Any idea what's going on?

What is telling WebStorm to remove that Live Template?


This is exactly what we want to do, but it seems there are no updates on any of the many issues about this topic in YouTrack. I hope the issues with the Setting Repository will get addressed soon, as it is totally useless for teams at the moment. I'm following this for a while (6 months) now and don't see any progress updates. 


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