Create a file group by extension


When we use scss files with file watcher, the project creates a file structure (see attached image) with the scss and the children css and map files.

> style.scss
>> style.css

Is there any way to create custom file groups? For example, using angular 2, the spec file should be in the same folder of the tested file:

> my-app.component.ts
> my-app.component.spec.ts
> my-app.component.html
> my-app.component.css

How can I tell webstorm that I want to see the spec file inside the main ts file?


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Hi there,

Upcoming 2016.3 version will have most common scenarios nested by default without the need for File Watcher. Your particular scenario does not seem to be in the defaults (can be seen here: ) -- this ticket is about providing user interface to be able to manually manage such rules. Watch this ticket (star/vote/comment) to get notifications on any updates.


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