Weird color format for multiline strings using angular2



see the following screenshot:


I'm not sure why, using multiline strings with backticks, it is formatting the angular2 template into this green background, which disappears when having my selection there. I'm not sure what this means and how I can remove it. I'm using a blank project, typescript enabled and all set up. Compling works, but this is making me crazy.


Thanks in advance.

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highlighting looks correct to be - this is the way injected language fragments ( are highlighted. Would you like to change the background (green)? It can be done in Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General, Code/Injected language fragment preferences

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This took me ages to find. I like the Blackboard scheme, but this one had these weird (unusable) backgrounds in templates. 


Is there a way to find out which color scheme setting is used for a particular place?


Regards, Jelmer

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Normally to find the corresponding color settings you can use Jump to Colors and Fonts action (Help | Find Action...) with the caret placed on the symbol

But this doesn't work with injection background


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