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Hi all,

I've been working on a plugin using the "plugin module" type. For reasons of portability I converted it to the idea gradle plugin system, as it makes it easier to add new dependencies and so on.

The problem is, certain plugin classes can't be resolved when running "gradle build", for example org.jetbrains.plugins.groovy.annotator.intentions.dynamic.DynamicManager.

This appears to be in the source jar, so I'd expect the class file to be found.

I've tried setting:

intellij.plugins = ["org.intellij.groovy"]

but that gives me: Cannot find builtin plugin org.intellij.groovy for IDE:...

My poor workaround for the moment is to add:

compile files ("../intellij-community/out/production/jetgroovy")

but obviously that kind of sucks. (But it works though... and for some reason does not add them to the final jar).

I'm using gradle plugin version 'com.github.JetBrains:gradle-intellij-plugin:2749c1c' - I found this in one of the other examples - I could not get 1.10.0 to work, it showed no intellij tasks at all.

Any help appreciated, jamie

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Hi Jechlin,


Please try `intellij.plugins = ["Groovy"]` instead.


> I could not get 1.10.0 to work, it showed no intellij tasks at all.

Cannot help with this. Please file an issue with details and logs at github.

> Please try `intellij.plugins = ["Groovy"]` instead

Thank you Alexander, that seemed to do the trick. I'm not sure what the lookup is done by, clearly not plugin key, maybe I'll try to find that out.

cheers, jamie


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