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Hello everyone,

I'm developing a plugin, which is relying on another java project (not a plugin, a simple java project).

Since I added the gradle support(followed this), I am not able to run my plugin in my Intellij anymore (which run a intellij with my plugin in the plugin sandbox.). In intellij, my module is setted up as a Plugin Module, and point on my plugin.xml. The plugins-sandbox is well filled with my classes, resources and dependencies (as jar file). However, when I try to run it, it got the following message:

null child action in group Nopol (Nopol menu) of class class com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.DefaultActionGroup, id=nopol-plugin.Plugin

here my actions in plugin.xml:

<group id="nopol-plugin.NoPolMenu" text="Nopol" description="Nopol menu">
<add-to-group group-id="EditorPopupMenu" anchor="first"/>
<action class="plugin.Plugin" id="nopol-plugin.Plugin"
text="NoPol" description="Configure and run NoPol">



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Hello Benjamin,

I suggest to use the official gradle-intellij-plugin instead, it works better and most probably the problem will disappear.

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Hello Nikolay,

Sorry the delay.

Thanks for the gradle-intellij-plugin, it is working fine and cleaner than my previous version.




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