noob - Turn back on the git 'add/create/delete/update' confirmation popup

Hi there,

Probably a very dumb question, but I have accidentally turned off the confirmation box to add/remove files from git. Lets say when you create a new file through the IDE.

I looked into the settings, and found some options that can be set, but they are al set correctly (I assume)



Any guesses where I can turn back on the confirmation box?? 

(screenshot taken from IntelliJ IDE, but same applies)




Hmm... Normally when you tick 'Remember, don't ask again' the corresponding option is chosen in Preferences | Version Control | Confirmation, and selecting 'Show options before...` there brings the dialog back...

Please try searching your .idea/workspace.xml for

<component name="ProjectLevelVcsManager"....>

what is the result?


Hi Elena, thanks for your quick response!


First of all, it works again.. I don't know why, cause I did several reboots over the last days etc, so nothing really 'special' happened, but it did the magic.

It makes me wonder, cause I also didn't remember accidentally hitting remember button (Jetbrain user for some years now, so know the drill). So it looks a bit like the program had a problem in general (I recently updated to newest webstorm version).


Anyway, I did the lookup for you (but probably to late because it works again)


<component name="ProjectLevelVcsManager">
<ConfirmationsSetting value="2" id="Remove" />

Hope it is of any help!



Nice to hear it's working now:)

>Anyway, I did the lookup for you (but probably to late because it works again)


it just shows that you have Preferences | Version Control | Confirmation, When files are deleted set to 'Remove silently'


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