CLion new project creates a main.cpp containing a "Hello World" script every time



This is my first day trying CLion and I noticed something very weird. Every time I create a new project, it creates a main.cpp file not with the default C/C++ source file template but with a "Hello World" script. I looked everywhere in the settings (at least I think I did), I searched the forums here, I googled this but couldn't find anything on why does it do this. Since only the source file has a template, I'd like to use that in the main file, too, so is there any way to modify this behavior or can I disable the automatic creation of a main.cpp in the first place? Or is there a way to create a template for this initial main file? That would be the best, actually.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. It hasn't been implemented in CLion yet. We have a feature request in our tracker: Feel free to comment or upvote.


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