Is there a way to open multiple folders with the same name in a RubyMine project?

I have a project "Test Code Project" in which I would like to load three "test_code" folders from three different locations (root). When I load the second "test_code" folder in the project, it replaces the first "test_code" folder instead of adding it. I am only able to add multiple folders if they have unique names. Seems like RubyMine is ignoring the root path when differentiating between the folder.

Is there a way for me to open all three "test_code" folders under one project? I would like to be able to easily search and switch between the contents of the three folders. Thanks!


Hello, Lakshya,

please add them or theirs parents as 'content roots' -

After that they will be listed in the project tree view on the left.

Please let me know if you will unsuccessful. Sorry for inconvenience.


Thank you! That worked.


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