wait for DaemonCodeAnalyzer to complete pass on file



I'm using DaemonCodeAnalyzerEx to retrieve the linting information from the editor, such as deprecations, unused imports and so on. 

I am setting text in the current document in the editor, and what I don't know is how to wait for the linting pass to complete before attempting to retrieve the linting info. I have tried various refresh methods, DaemonCodeAnalyzer.restart(), etc etc, but nothing is working for me.

I also tried subscribing to DaemonCodeAnalyzer.DAEMON_EVENT_TOPIC but it appears to never fire com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.DaemonCodeAnalyzer.DaemonListenerAdapter#daemonFinished.

I'm quite new to this whole thing so quite likely a noob fail, so any help appreciated.

cheers, jamie


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project.getMessageBus().connect(/** some disposable, e.g. */ project).subscribe(DaemonCodeAnalyzer.DAEMON_EVENT_TOPIC, new DaemonCodeAnalyzer.DaemonListenerAdapter() {
public void daemonFinished() {
// do something. However, take care because a daemon could have restarted and some highlighters invalidated.
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Thanks for that Alexey. I had connected to the app message bus with the same topic... it works for projects. I don't suppose there is a way to get the file that it's just finished on?

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no, unfortunately. However, the current opened (if any) editor can be obtained via com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.FileEditorManager#getSelectedTextEditor

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Sure... ok, thanks for your help.


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