Can't build Idea CE




I'm trying to write a plugin and I'm following steps (here) for downloading Idea source and building. I'm stuck in two places. First, the docs say to use JDK 1.6 but I'm on a Mac running El Capitain. It's next to impossible to find/install JavaSDK < 1.7. Can a later JavaSDKbe used instead? Next, I've opened the project and it complains that 39 modules cannot be loaded because of missing .iml files. It looks like many of these are Android modules. Should/can I safely ignore these errors and remove the modules from the project? Thanks in advance!


Yes, it's possible to configure the both 'IDEA jdk' and '1.8' JDKs to point to JDK 1.8. IDEA CE compiled with such setup may have problem with projects which use older JDK though.

As it's said in our docs sources of some modules are located in separate repositories and you need to call '' to checkout them.

BTW you want to write a plugin you don't need to compile IDEA CE sources. You can download the sources to view javadocs, but it isn't required to compile them, see our plugin development guide for details.


Thank you Nikolay! Much appreciated! I was following the Fork Idea instructions and missed the part about separate repositories. I know cloning is optional but I wanted to feel cool having a fork of Idea on my Github account, lol! I configured the "Idea jdk" to point to 1.7. I have no idea if my JDK is an Apple JDK or not. I believe I downloaded and installed from Oracle so do I need the tools.jar? How can I tell for certain?


I found my answer after attempting to make the project. I was getting undefined refs so I went ahead and added the tools.jar which resolved the build errors.


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