Change color of specific PHP function

I've got an editor theme I really like, but am curious if there's a way to customize individual functions - specifically, I'd like all error_log calls to be highlighted in a different color than the standard theme color for functions and methods. Can I set up custom keywords?


Hi there,

There is no such functionality. and related tickets.

At the same time -- since error_log() is a standard PHP function it is already highlighted in different color -- check this thread:


P.S. With "Php Inspections (EA Extended)" plugin you can set a list of functions/methods that can be marked as warning/error -- useful for forgotten debug statements that need to be removed from production code before committing it --

That's the closest existing thing I'm aware of that could possibly go with "highlight custom function in different color" request.


Thanks. I thought since there was so much customizable, there might be a way. I'll look at the plugin.


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