Stuck when trying to set a breakpoint in a maven java project that includes clojure code (actually Storm). can't even attach sources.

Hi  - I'm using Storm in my Java project and am interested in stepping through the storm code when running in local mode to try to understand more of what is going on.

Since Storm is implemented partly in Clojure, I figured I'd give La Clojure a try.

I just downloaded the La Clojure plugin  and I am definitely able to import a clojure project.   
But I really don't care about debugging a pure clojure project.   I want to get the debugging to work on my java project which uses Storm (and in particular, want to step through the lines of code in the Storm clojure classes.)

Within the context of my  java project,  when I navigate to a Storm class that is implemented in closure Intellij gives me the  /* compiled code */  'stub' view of the class  (with just methods and none of the statements in the body).  I then try to "Attach Sources"..  I select the directory where i downloaded the storm source code     ( /tmp/storm-master-0.9-rc2/storm-core/src/clj  )...  but Intellj doesn't  even recognize the stuff under that directory as source files..   I would assume the first step in setting up a break point is to get intellij to recognize where the sources are... but I failed to do that.     I did set the one module in my project to have the 'clojure' facet.   But maybe there is some other step that I missed?

Any tips you could provide would be greatly appreciated .. thanks in advance !



forgot to mention: i am using 12.1.6


  • Set individual breakpoints with #break
  • Continue to next breakpoint
  • Step over form
  • Step into form
  • Step out of form


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