SQLite : "Files of this type cannot be opened in DataGrip"


I would like to open my SQLite databases in DataGrip.
They are created by standard Android applications and work fine with other applications such as SQLite Browser.

However, when I try to open them in DataGrip, I have the following error: "Files of this type cannot be opened in DataGrip".

Do they need to have a special extension or something like?

(I'm using the Mac version of DataGrip)

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SQLite Data Source is supported. Please check https://www.jetbrains.com/datagrip/help/managing-data-sources.html#creating_db_by_drag_and_drop on how you cad add it to DataGrip.

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That does nothing....

I have a database named "Test.db3"...it works fine with other SQLIte management tools ....

I am evaluating DataGrip so hopefully this is not a showstopper.




The database was created using the SQLite ORM in VS2015 and Windows 10 and the SQLite DLL version is 3.9.2

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Andrey, I figured it out this morning ....

It's not clear that you FIRST have to make a project and then add the connection to the project.

I was simply trying to open the SQLite database to run some queries against it and it does not do that.





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