Control + Enter -> Execute SQL (Command + Enter)

This is one of the best features of any SQL command IDE. Where this falls completely flat in DataGrid is in the Parameter Editor on a Mac. Command+Enter executes a query and then one must press CONTROL+Enter to execute (or re execute) the command given the correct values in the Parameter window. You folks had this working fine before someone had the terrible idea of 'continuity of popups'.

It is broken on the Mac.

Please at least give us the option of using COMMAND+Enter and not have to use the COMMAND+Enter, (then press enter to make the text field lose focus) AND THEN PRESS CONTROL+Enter in order to execute a SQL.

Something that should take two keystrokes takes three to four unnecessarily. It is a nuissance.



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Hello Chris,
Is the issue that you need to press different shortcut combinations or that there is always a popup?

If first, as a workaround you could assign Ctrl+Enter shortcut to 'Execute Statement in multiline Console' action in Preferences | Keymaps settings. Does it help?

If second, please note that you can disable Always review parameters before execution optinon in Preferences | Database | General.

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Is there a way to configure the parameters execute keystroke in preferences | keymaps? I want command-enter for both, not control-enter. At least this thread made it possible to find out that Control-Enter works, I was having to use the mouse because I couldn't find a working keystroke. Can't find a keymap preference for this dialog.

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I am struggling with this as well.  Love JetBrains, have the license, but this inability to quickly run my sql command is driving me nuts.


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