Cannot Load Settings [solved]

After using 0xDBE for quite a while now, we've just purchased Datagrip, but I keep getting "Cannot Load Settings" most of the times when I open Datagrip 1.0.1, where "oddbjornlo" is my windows user name.

09:18:33 Load Settings
         Cannot load settings from file 'C:\Users\oddbjornlo\.DataGrip10\config\options\runner.layout.xml': content truncated
         File content will be recreated

I see the file and it has content.

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Is the XML malformed? The other cause could be the settings for one of your connections has a character that escapes the XML and causes the "truncates" message. If you open the file with a text editor can you spot orphan brackets?

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Seems ok, now.

Could have been a case of Virus Detection.


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