Unable to import the global datasources from IntelliJ Idea

Dear Community,

I just started to use the new Jetbrains product - DataGrid and I didn't manage to import (from the UI) the global datasources created in IntelliJ Idea 15.0.2.

And this because I didn't find a way to use the registered JDBC driver.

Please see attached the image.

Is it possible to import in DataGrip both the IDEA global datasources and related jdbc drivers?

Next, I will try to copy the db configuration from c:\Users\pazaran\.IntelliJIdea15\config\options\ home to c:\Users\pazaran\.DataGrip10\config\options

Thank you in advance for any useful info.

Import from path.png


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I managed to import the global IDEA datasources by copying the following files:

...\.IntelliJIdea15\config\options\security.xml - this is for databases credentials

It would be very useful if DataGrip will allow to import the Idea global datasources.




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