How to add a host(or database source) with multiple dbs?

I mean, in workbench we can add a host to read all the databases in it, for example: and rds db that contains many dabases... Is that possible in 0xDBE?


Hello Jonathan,

Do you use the same socket (host:port) for connection to the databases? If so, please try to omit database name in the connection string, and select needed DB Schemas in Shemas tab of the created Datasource.


This doesn't work for DataGrip 1.0, it worked for 0xDBE...


Could you please attach screenshot of General tab for the datasource, so that your connection information is visible? Please also post output from Test Connection button. Thanks.


I have the same issue for a PostgreSQL connection. I cannot see all DBs available. I would have to create a new data source for every db. Not really usable. Any help appreciated.

This is what I have in pgAdmin

And this is DataGrip


Currently there is a limitation to a single database connection per data source for PostgreSQL, please vote and follow this request:


The link for that issue gives me a 404.  Is it maybe a private issue? This is definitely a major issue for me as well.


It's a trailing space. Sorry, corrected the link. Currently have no definite ETA for this issue though.


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