How am I supposed to start a new project?

I just installed DataGrip, and the new project icon, under file, is grayed out. I even tried selecting an sql dialect from settings with no luck. To use this am I suspected to import something, like a Rails project, and then edit the database from there?

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Hello Michael.

When you open the DataGrip - the default project (named "default") is opened at once, so you can just start using it straight away: create a DB Datasource and open SQL Console for it or create new sql files and directories in project (View | Tool Windows | Files tool window ).

Сreate a new project via File | Project... action. Or use File | Open... action, then open any folder - IDE will create a project there.

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DataGrip is a different beast. The idea that a project exists before it is created, that a directory must be associated with a project in order to house files and metadata in the directory of one's choosing. This is all new. I never knew how much STUFF was stored in Preferences until DataGrip showed me.

Why the new direction? What was wrong with the old pick a directory in order to create a project approach?

I really am not trying to complain. Any insight you can provide will be most appreciated.


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