Results vs messages and error queries

I've just come across this scenario where when a query completes with errors I don't get any results whatsoever from 0xDBE, however I do with SSMS. The query in question is:

USE master;

exec sp_blitz

with sp_blitz coming from

The query produces an error because I have a database in compatability mode 80, and the proc is trying to run a statement on it that isn't supported in that compatability mode. When run in SSMS I get results and in the messages window:

Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 19
Incorrect syntax near '.'.

When run in 0xDBE I only get the error, no results.

Hi Kevin!

Looks like it's another case of this issue:

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Hey Sergey,

I'm not sure that's related. In my case the error is essentially expected, and not really what I'm concerned with. What I'm concerned with is that in SSMS I also get 273 rows of data from the the query besides the error message, whereas in 0xDBE I get NO data. It's like 0xDBE assumes that since there was an error there is no data, but that is not always going to be the case. In this particular scenario that proc is returning 99.99% useful data and only has an error on one minor part of the query, SSMS returns me the results and I can use them, but 0xDBE gives me nothing useful.


Oh, I see.

Could you please share a simple procedure which would report some error and also return some results? That would be very helpful.


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