Git setup

I am having some troubles in configuring Git. Is there any requirement to install any additional plugin? From the menu Version Control menu I cannot find any CSV system (picture attached)


I believe that for this first release of the EAP build, they did not implement VCS Integration. (At least, that's the speculation. I did mention this in my blog post about 0xDBE)

  • Version Control is noted as a Top Feature, but didn’t make it into the initial EAP release.

Wish I could read the article few hours ago specially the part of csv and file creation..

Thank you.


Quick heads up, Sergey... The terminal plugin seems to not be functioning


Unfortunately purejavacomm.jar is missing so Terminal plugin doesn't work.

We'll fully support plugins & plugin repository in the next EAP build.

For the time being the workaround is to download/copy purejavacomm.jar to 0xDBE lib folder.


I'll note that simply adding this to the /lib/ folder didn't resolve the issue.

I also needed to copy the /lib/libpty/ directory (which I had from PhpStorm) over.


Is there maybe any timeline when the plugins will be included in the new release?


VCS integration support has been added, including Git support. Please install Git Integration plugin (File | Settings | Plugins, type Git and select Browse link to find the plugin in plugins repository.

See also related help topic about Git integration.


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