I'd like to try 0xDBE. However, how to see outout of select query?

I've tired finding the results of query...
And tell me please, where is the normal way to execute queries?

The only way I’ve found is through the popup menu. However, it runs the whole file only, but not selection as it is often necessary.

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You execute the quesries in the SQL Console plesae check https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/DBE/Quick+Start .

To execute a selection use corrsponding action, see https://devnet.jetbrains.com/message/5539955#5539955 for details.

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Thank you very much.

However, that’s quiet odd to open an extra window in order to run an sql-script from the opened sql-file. I’ve never seen such an implementation and I hope it’s temporary.

Yes, I see now that I can select whole the script in the file and execute it with Ctrl+Enter.

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Sorry, from your question I did not realize that you were talking about running queries from sql script file. Running single query is possible from sql file exacly as from sql console.

Place cursor on sql statement - you will see the statement highlighted - this means what when you invoke action Execute Current Statement in MultiLine Console (Ctrl+Enter/Cmd+Enter on Mac default shortcut) this statement will be sent to execution for the Data Source, accociated with this sql script file.

When you run the query from sql file for the first time IDE will propose you to choose the Data Source:


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