Connectivity for Hadoop SQL Apps (Hive, Spark SQL, Stinger, HAWQ, etc.)

Can we have a generic connection object added where we can load our own drivers for various JDBC compliant applications so we can connect to them via 0xDBE?

If this feature is already available, how do i go about doing it?  

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Fahim,

Yes, it is available. Choose File | Data Sources...(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S) dialog, then use plus sign (or Alt+insert) to create new Data Source and choose Database Driver option, or chose this dialog from Database Tool window:

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Oh Neat!  So I think we've got a version conflict here ... I'm not seeing that option in the connections dialog box. (See attacchment)

I'm currently on Natasha DB-142.3925.2

What version are you using?

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Try to go to this dialog via File | Data Source then add Database Driver at the bottom here . Then the item should appear in that list.


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