scala-2.11 folders created all over the place

Apologies if this is a duplicate but searching for scala-2.11 is overwhelming

Basically I got a git project with many subprojects.
ran intellij and all of a sudden I seem to have folders called scala-2.11 all over the place - which are all empty.

so each main and each test has now

This is really rather irritating since there's only ever stuff in resources and scala

What's the value in creating empty folders to clutter up my project view?
I realise you may want people to put stuff in there under some circumstances, but why not leave it to them?
Or at least make it a config option.
Screen real-estate is a valuable resource



If you open SBT repl and execute `show sourceDirectories` in it, you most probably will see `scala-2.11` or/and `scala-2.10` amongst other directories. These are source directories required by SBT, not by IDEA. Now, if you enable "Create directories for empty content roots automatically" option (which, I assume, you did since you have issues with empty directories), then IDEA will create empty directories for whatever directories SBT reports to it, which is why you end up with those empty dirs.

The only workaround I can suggest you is to turn that option off in IDEA and create source/resource/test directories manually.


where is "Create directories for empty content routes" set as a parameter please?
I've certainly never knowingly set it. Is it the default?


I see it is on the open new project dialog. So yes I did set it thanks


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