java exception breakpoints in debugger: all or nothing!

I needed to set a breakpoint for a java exception being thrown inside a library I wa
s calling.
But when I go to the Breakpoints dialog in the debugger I get a single
Java Exception Breakpoints checkbox with underneath, an automatically filled "Any exception"
Checking this then gives me a load of URLClassLoader ClassNotFoundExceptions - which makes reaching the target exception very painful.
Debugging straight java gives you the ability to select the exceptions you are interested in.
Why not here?
At least can we turn off the ClassNotFoundExceptions?
Or is there something I've missed?

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Hi, Tim,

There is an "Add breakpoint" button in the upper left of the Breakpoints dialog (see attached screenshot). You can create Java Exception Breakpoint for exception of any class. It should work exactly the same as in java.

Add breakpoint.jpg
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thanks, my bad - was looking in the wrong place


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