Error running run app: Grails SDK is not configured

How or where do I configure the grails sdk?
I have libraries for 1.3 installed and the latest plugin for grails is downloaded and enabled.
It successfully recognises my groovy files and seems to do all the syntax editor stuff.
But I just can't run the application.
It tells me it is not configured but I can't see where I configure it. You can't add it with the add sdk button for instance.
Grails is correctly configured. It runs just fine from the command line.

Is there any setting anywhere I can check?


I've deleted my intellij files and created a new project over the grails sources.
Somehow it just doesn't recognise this as a grails project.
I can run-app the adequately from the command line
I've got grails 1.3.3 and groovy 1.73 installed and on the paths in the usual manner.

I don't get the grails view and when I try to create a run configuration of type grails, it lists no modules in the module drop down. so presumably it just doesn't think it's a grails project. But GRAILS does know. So what's going on?


I have this same problem. Running Intellij IDEA 9.0.3, and just installed grails 1.3.4. Runs fine from the command line. Set GRAILS_HOME and added $GRAILS_HOME/bin to the path. Worked fine on a Windows PC, but when loading the same project into Intellij on a Mac (OS X 10.6.4) needed to recreate the grails-1.3.4 module library and cannot create a grails run-app configuration b/c no modules listed in dialog drop-down.


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