Grails 1.1.1

I'm trying to get a Grails 1.1.1 app with Maven working on a Mac. If I'm trying to run grails:run-app I'll get the following error:

Application expects grails version [1.1.1], but GRAILS_HOME is version [1.1] - use the correct Grails version or run 'grails upgrade' if this Grails version is newer than the version your application expects.


In my modules settings I set the Grails SDK to Grails 1.1.1, but it still won't use it. Any ideas what to do, to get IDEA's GRAILS_HOME to pickup the 1.1.1?

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Maven task environment doesn't depend on IDEA's Grails SDK (probably it
should, I'm not sure). Please try to change GRAILS_HOME environment
variable systemwide.

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Thanks this way I can at least run the app!

Weird thing is, I haven't set $GRAILS_HOME at all!

crusty:~ dlinsin$ echo $GRAILS_HOME

crusty:~ dlinsin$


So I suppose this is simply a misleading error message. I guess it's the maven plug-in not IDEA.

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Hi ,

My Problem is that I am using grails Weceem CMS Plugin .
I want to combine Jsecurity plugin with this weceem cms plugin.
how to do it ?

Please help me to find the solution.


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Sorry, this forum is dedicated to IntelliJ IDEA Groovy/Grails
integration. I think you should ask your question somewhere in the
Grails mailing list, or even Weceem/Jsecurity forums, if they exist.


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