Various Scala plugin version download links broken


Of course you have recently moved to a new version of Confluence & are probably aware there are things to be fixed.

Just in case you are not aware, the downloads for Scala plugin nightlies & EAPs are very much a mixed bag at the moment.  For example, on there are bad entries for and . Then on nothing since 1.6.62 works for me, in particuar 1.7.121 gives a 404. On all are broken, :(  Some of the correct download URLs can be deduced, e.g. , but not all.  As I say, a mixed bag.

I do realise that latest plugins can be downloaded by choosing the update source in Idea. But today, in the process of sorting out the right plugin for the 14.1.5 EAP I discovered some of the Confluence download pages are now broken.


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Thanks for the report.
Poster bot has been improved since early 1.7.xx versions, but there indeed were some older broken links left.
I hope all of them are  fixed now.


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