newbie can't create a Grails App


I am trying to create a grails application. But I am getting stuck at the create Project step. I am unable to select a Grails SDK.  here is a movie that show what is happening.

What dumb thing have I done wrong


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Just choose your Grails installation path in the 'Choose Grails SDK'
dialog. The text is misleading, this will be fixed. Thank you!

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also a newbie
Im excited to use idea - heards lots about - with grails/groovy.
Installed 30 day trial of ultimate - as that seems to be more groovy oriented
And when I create a new project I dont see the grails option as i see in this video,
so it doesnt seem like groovy/grails is plugged in yet.
I did install groovy plugin when doing install. Though I dont see a menu option to double check my plugins.
Thanks for your help,
Mark Gibson

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Double-checking the plugins may be done in Settings | Plugins.

How did you create a Grails module? Did you choose a correct Grails SDK
and JDK? Do you see those if you go to Project Structure | 
|Dependencies tab?


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